Brief introduction of Sweater textile

- Jul 04, 2018-

Brief introduction of Sweater textile:
Handmade sweater weaving in China can be said to have a long history, but the earliest use of stitch weaving, in the 80 's began to gradually rise with knitting machine weaving, then only the panda host, then, is also a good sweater knitting machine, then China has imported knitting machine, such as brothers, silver Flute Licensing, Switzerland 80S and other machines. Some enterprises in China also optimistic about the big market knitting machine, followed by a number of knitting machine manufacturers, but most of them are modeled after Japanese machines, such as Shanghai Shen brand, red horse production of red Flag horse is modeled on the production of the Brothers in Japan, and Wuhan Plum Blossom Card, Wenzhou production of the day piano card,
is modelled on the Japanese silver Flute production, and the above-mentioned brand machines made in Japan, respectively, compared with the above-mentioned brand machines, whether in the function, or in the structure are the same, and accessories are interchangeable, at the same time, there are standards, three-Xiang, Huamei and other knitting machines have been produced, for the development of knitting industry has played a great role. In the past few years, people have undergone great changes in dress, from the original pure warm type to light, soft, thin direction of development, and the application of knitting machinery has also undergone a great change, industrial flat machine also entered the ranks of home weaving machine, from the original simple coarse models to a more fine needle-type development, Overcome the original home weaving machine can not weave the shortcomings of thin lines, and the function of the flat machine is also increasing, such as: Single Board machine, the appearance of the rest machine, but also overcome the original flat machine can not jacquard the malady, now the flat machine has further development, such as Hilti licensing SE608 hand knitting machine, you can achieve and import silver flute machine Not much difference function
  SE208 hand horizontal machine in the structure of the major reform, can be the same as the Brother machine to adjust the density, to overcome the former horizontal machine must be gasket to solve the problem of density, and now successively produced electric flat machine, computer flat machine, etc., greatly improve the efficiency of labor.