Fashion features of women's clothing

- Jun 20, 2017-

Fashionable and stylish clothing. The time is strong, every certain time popular one kind of style. The use of new fabrics, accessories and processes, fabric structure, texture, color, flower type and so on. Exquisite decoration, matching. In the style, modelling, color, patterns, ornaments and other aspects of constant change innovation, unconventional.

A fashionable fashion that is accepted by a majority of people in a certain time and region. A branch of a large variety of clothing. If fashion for a small number of people first dressed as trendy fashion. Clothing according to popular can be divided into popular fashion and stereotypes clothing.

Stereotypes clothing is a popular selection of relatively fixed clothing style. Fashion is a cyclical strong, divided into product incubation period, germination stage, into the long-term, maturity and decline period. With the improvement of social culture and consumption level, the cycle of the epidemic will become more and more short. The same a fashion in a certain period of price difference may be very large, so people say "fashion impermanence", it changes, old, unpredictable, but also the most can reflect the designer and the wearer of cultural and artistic self-cultivation and wear level.

According to the general traditional principle, clothing is based on modelling, materials,

Three elements of color, composed of three-dimensional spatial structure. And fashion in the three-degree space, and then try to embody the clothing of the time. In our country, fashion is often refers to the current popular fashionable ladies. In fact, men's and children's wear should also be included. At that time, the local most novel, smell popular, with a strong era sedan, in line with the trend of the times of various types of new clothes, can be called "fashion." In foreign countries, but also to pay the fashion matching shoes and hats, bags, and even jewelry, sunglasses, umbrellas and other apparel items are included in the category of fashion.