Main production units and links of garment production

- Jun 20, 2017-

1. Clothing design in general, most large, medium-sized clothing factory has its own designer clothing design series. Clothing enterprise's clothing design roughly divides into two kinds: one kind is the clothing design, according to most people's size proportion, sets up a set of regular sizes, carries on the massive production. Design, not only to choose fabrics, accessories, but also to understand the clothing factory equipment and workers technology; the second category is fashion design, according to market trends and fashion trends design clothing.

2. Pattern design when the clothing design samples for the customer confirmation, the next step is according to customer requirements to draw different sizes of the pattern. A drawing that magnifies or shrinks a standard pattern, called a quot, pattern grading, or "push". The large-scale clothing factory uses the computer to complete the pattern the code work, in the different size pattern the foundation, but also produces the production pattern, and draws out the material layout.

3. Production preparation before the production of a lot of work, such as the production of fabrics, accessories, sewing thread and other materials necessary testing and testing, materials and finishing, sample, sample clothing, such as sewing processing.

4. Cutting process in general, cutting is the first process of garment production, its content is the fabric, in and other materials according to the nesting, cut the requirements of cutting garments, but also including nesting, paving materials, calculation materials, fabric defects of the loan, blanking, cutting, inspection, numbering, banding and so on.

5. Sewing process Sewing is the whole garment processing process is stronger, but also more important garment processing process. It is according to different style requirements, through a reasonable suture, the various pieces of clothing group synthesis of a process of garment processing. Therefore, how to organize the sewing process rationally, choose seam Trace, seam type, machine equipment and tools are very important.

6. After ironing process garments are made, after ironing treatment, to achieve an ideal shape, so that the shape of the beautiful. Ironing generally can be divided into the production of ironing (medium) and clothing ironing (hot) two categories.

7. Clothing quality control clothing quality control is to ensure product quality in the whole process of a very important measure, is to study the product in the process of production and may produce quality problems, and to develop the necessary quality inspection standards and regulations.

8. After treatment, including packaging, storage and transportation, is the final process of production. Operators according to the packaging process requirements of every a pieces made and ironing good clothing finishing, folding good, placed in a plastic bag, and then according to the number of packing list to allocate. Sometimes garments will also be hoisted and shipped, the clothing will be hoisted on the shelves, delivered to the place of delivery. In order to make the factory on time delivery, catch up with the sales season, in the analysis of apparel product modeling structure, processing and other characteristics, the pattern, model design, process specifications, cutting technology, sewing processing, ironing, packaging and other production links to develop standard technical documents, to produce quality, quantity, low cost and meet the needs of consumers, customers clothing.