On the classification of clothing

- Jul 18, 2018-

On the classification of clothing:

Clothing classification is difficult to find standards, the most uncontroversial classification is by sex, can be divided into three categories: men's, women's, children's wear, neutral clothing. In the apparel industry, people in the industry are usually not so classified.
But divided into: knitting and woven Knitted apparel production speed, difficult than woven low. So the price will be cheaper.
Although China is rich in human resources, but the cost of clothing production accounted for an important proportion of human resources.
Usually knitted garments a worker plus a machine, skilled workers can produce hundreds of pieces a day, of course, also depends on the complexity of clothing. Another important factor in determining the cost of clothing is the accessories on clothing, which would have increased costs. It is more important to pay labor costs. Accessories are usually hand-assembled.
This not only produces a long duration, but also increases the number of unqualified products. Many kinds of clothing, due to the basic form of clothing, variety, use, production methods, raw materials, various types of clothing also show different styles and characteristics, change thousands, very rich. Different classification methods, resulting in our usual clothing appellation is also different.
There are roughly the following classification methods.
First, according to the basic form of clothing classification
According to the basic form of clothing and the shape of the classification, can be summed up in shape, style and mixed type of three.

  1. Shape type The shape clothing is conforms to the human body form, the structure clothing, originates from the frigid zone. This kind of clothing's general wearing form is divided into the top and the bottom loading two parts. The top coat is fit for the shape of the body's chest, neck and arm, and is fit for the waist, buttocks and legs, and the trousers type and skirt type mainly. Cutting, sewing more rigorous, pay attention to the contour shape of clothing and the main effect.
    such as the suit type is more shape type.

  2. Style type
    Style clothing is in the form of loose, stretch A clothing pattern that covers the body and is derived from a tropical region.
    This kind of clothing does not rigidly adhere to the shape of the human body, more free and arbitrary, cutting and sewing process to a simple flat effect.

  3. Mixed type Mixed-type structure of clothing is the cold and tropical type of integrated, mixed form, with both characteristics, tailoring the use of simple planar structure, but the human body as the center, the basic shape of the rectangle, such as the Chinese cheongsam, Japanese kimono and so on.