Process of garment industrialization

- Jun 20, 2017-

Garment industrialization Production process is: Product planning → selected design → sample system to do → industrialized sample clothing system to do → pattern expansion (size enlargement and reduction) → tailoring → sewing → ironing → inspection → finished products.

The main equipment of garment production is industrial sewing machine and cutting and finishing ironing equipment. The development trend of industrial sewing machine is high speed, single machine automatic sewing, single machine sewing and multi position automatic sewing. To improve the design and management capabilities, the apparel industry has begun to apply electronic computers.

Since the 70 's, the research on the effect of clothing has received great attention. The contents are:

① To study the relationship between human body, clothing and environmental climate;

② To study the wearability of clothing materials;

③ Make the best costume design for different use range;

④ Improve clothing performance from health, hygiene and comfort.