The current situation of women's clothing industry

- Jun 20, 2017-

At present, China's women's clothing market in many brands, fierce competition, the market share of each brand is low. According to statistics, 2008-2010 consecutive three years of China's women's clothing market, the first 10 brands of concentration has always remained around 24%; the first 20 brand concentration in 2010 also only 35.48%. 2011 1 to November, the national key large-scale retail enterprises brand concentration of women's clothing market compared to the previous few years, the top 10 brands, the top 20 brands of market share total of 27.61% and 37.35% respectively.

China has a population of 1.35 billion, of which women 660 million, 25-59 years of age 4 people have 370 million, high, medium and low three of the proportion of consumer population is 2%, 59%, 39%. The high-end domestic high-end women's clothing, the consumer has 220 million people, this batch of consumer average consumption amount between 1000 to 5,000 yuan.

High-end consumer layer, this class of personnel including foreign company senior Leadership, the name of the performing arts industry, senior personnel of foreign institutions, financial people, etc., accounting for the total number of cities and towns accounted for 2%, and consumption that accounted for 10% of the total sales volume, the consumption capacity is very strong. High-grade consumer's average income level is higher, has the high purchase ability, they emphasize the life quality, pays attention to the life grade, therefore the pursuit of the brand name is especially obvious, becomes the main consumer group of the brand clothing. The main means of purchase is to operate internationally renowned clothing brand stores or large-scale shopping malls. Purchase price is generally above 5000 yuan, its corresponding upscale market is occupied by import and-brand.

Middle-grade layer, this level is mainly foreign workers, self-employed operators, peasant entrepreneurs, civil servants, teachers, senior workers and rural surplus households, about 59% of the urban population, mainly in the middle-grade, the price of women under 5000 yuan sales accounted for 90% of the total volume. Their income between the high-end clothing consumption layer and the mid-range clothing consumption layer between the two. They have the desire to buy high-end clothing, their consumption position in the high level, to become high-end brand apparel consumer layer. They mainly from the management of high-grade clothing shopping malls, stores and chain stores, buy clothing price between 1000-5000. Its consumer counterparts in the middle-grade market are mostly Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea and the mainland coastal brands.

Middle and lower consumption layer, this level of consumer income is low, usually a large proportion of consumer spending is just to meet the basic needs of necessities. Middle and lower consumers are more sensitive to price, for the purchase of clothing, they care more about the quality, to see if durability, durable. The consumption layer mainly from the general shopping malls or clothing stores to buy the required, the purchase of winter clothing price is generally below 1000 yuan. Its consumption corresponds to low-grade market mainly Chinese brands.