The maintenance of the bathing suit

- May 16, 2018-

Bathing suit maintenance has the following specific elements:

First, before the swimming pool, water will be soaked wet bathing

Second ,Avoid rubbing against rough rock or ground when wearing to prevent the fiber from pilling

Third, be careful to use sunscreen cosmetics to prevent damage to the bathing suit material or make it change color

Four, is after swimming must as soon as possible with 35 degrees Celsius below clean water, by hand to rub, do not dry cleaning, machine wash or ironing

fifth,To avoid damp swimming length time in plastic bags or mixed with other clothing

sixth,Do not use washing powder, bleaching agent or hair dye, etc.

seventh,After washing, please put in the cool and ventilated place to dry, do not put in direct sunlight places exposure

Eight, is a long time to save do not put in a box with a strong taste of moth.