The market trend of women's clothing

- Jun 20, 2017-

Women's fashion market has always been the big head of the clothing market, which has been leading the fashion and trend, is a fashionable, natural representative. The frequency and amount of women's clothing purchase is the largest in the whole apparel consumption group, and women's fashion people have to say. So many enterprises and resources in the female fashion market, women's fashion brand, the difference between the brands. Among the top ten brands there is little difference in market analysis, and the sum is only around 20%. Chinese women's fashion brand has a strong regional color, but there is not a brand in the country, such as rich color, color block larger, even fashionable popular style of "Han faction" clothing, with the Jiangnan civilization odor of Hangzhou women's fashion industry and Hong Kong and Macao character of Shenzhen, Guangdong humen Women's fashion industry. With the maturity of Chinese consumer concept and the continued expansion of the Chinese market, the world's female fashion brand has also made numerous inroads into China, and the Chinese market has become an important part of women's fashion in the world. But its influence on female fashion upscale market and the influence to Chinese female fashion fashion trend is strong. At the same time, foreign brands in order to open up a broader hinterland market and occupy high-end women's fashion market, and other international brands of the pace of marriage, China's market competition is increasingly fierce.