The origin of the evening dress

- Jun 20, 2017-

The famous fashion master Cardin once said: "When you think of Louis 15 dynasty, then the image of the hoop-like dress with skirt ring will appear in front of you, and the skirt that is specially designed to shape the skirt is a signal from simplicity to luxury."

Let's take a look at the 18, 19th century French literature: we can often feel in the works of the critical realism writers, such as Balzac, Hugo and Maupassant, the social occasions of the extravagant French society, there is no shortage of descriptions of women's evening attire, and it is easy to imagine that evening attire, which was designed for evening social events, was spread out from the lavish Parisian social circle. In China's traditional costumes and do not have the concept of late, but in the Western culture, the influence of evening wear gradually appeared in the white, small, implicit Oriental woman's life, designers are also based on the characteristics of Oriental women, and constantly introduced for their design of evening works.