Tips for Spinning sweaters

- Jul 04, 2018-

Tips for Spinning sweaters:

Hand-woven art, almost a woman's world, which embodies the delved, the source of the long, from the folk, service the world.
Especially in the new century, the new science, technology, new economy, the rapid development of people's living with ample clothing today, people more pursuit of harmony and nature of the United States, comfortable and healthy beauty. Whether it is the news media or real life, it is not difficult to see: from the national leaders to television and civil people, almost everyone has a few or even dozens of sweaters Maoku, that is, it has been in people's lives, universal and universal, the number is very large.
However, in its knitting method, the global popular almost exclusively is the right hand hanging line of the traditional weaving method. Manual knitting is a kind of arts and crafts which is accomplished by stitch by wisdom and endurance. A weaver after repeated conception, design, construction, to the exquisite authentic dedication to each beneficiary. She brings you pride, beauty and happiness. A fine hand knit sweater, as well as sweaters, brand-name suits, will bring you self-confidence, success and joy. Even so, among them, the weavers have to pay how much hardship and the amount of valuable time spent.
However, this requires the weavers to do their best to research and development, and try to improve the right hand hanging line of the traditional weaving method. A new method-left-handed Ribbon line weaving method, the advantages of the weaving method are as follows:

  1. Left hand with line instead of hanging line, this eliminates the right hand to draw arc winding time, so, at least can improve weaving speed of about 1/4.

  2.  Because it is the left hand directly with line, knitting only two hands in motion, and do not need small arms to do frequent intense movement, so can also greatly reduce physical exertion, so can reduce labor intensity. To this end, it can be called energy-saving weaving method.

  3.  Because it is the left hand on the needle directly with line, knitting, reverse needle can also easily grasp the tightness of the line, and woven out of the product, its smoothness and tightness are achieved very evenly.

  4.   As the positive and negative needle with the same line mode, weaving patterns or several color lines with the effect of better.

  5. If you will be left hand and will be the right hand (traditional weaving method) weaving words, left hand with a line, the right hand with a line, both hands have to weave together, the two lines do not interfere. This is not possible with the traditional right hand line method.