Tools for Textile Sweaters

- Jul 04, 2018-

Tools for Textile Sweaters:
Market on the sale of household sweater knitting machine, if according to its performance to classify, roughly divided into three kinds: namely low-grade, mid-range and high-grade.
Low-grade machine is generally hand-drawn jacquard type, the vast majority of such models for domestic machines, such as panda Licensing, standard licensing, the United States and China licensing, Tong Long brand, although their name is different, models vary, but its performance is basically the same Mid-range weaving machine is generally imported prices around 4000 yuan to 8000 yuan, but in recent years there have been some domestic mid-range knitting machine asked the city, such as Shen licensing, plum, days piano licensing, Red Horse licensing, and so on, imported machines for the Swiss licensing, the Japanese brothers card, silver flute, etc., its performance characteristics of the main * Conca provide information, mechanical automatic selection of needles
, can be woven 40-pin or 24-pin independent, continuous pattern, manual only need to push and pull head can, therefore, pattern weaving faster and more convenient. Computer weaving machine is mainly imported products, the price also with its functional equipment or not, the difference, generally in 10,000 to 30,000, the market can be seen, the Swiss production of E6000 and E8000 type, the Japanese brothers brand CK35, KH270-type, KH970-type. Bande brand type 580, and the French shuttle treasure brand 9000 such types of knitting machine, by computer control, needle selection, its function is superior to any kind of mechanical needle-picking machine, it can be based on the operator of their own creative flower-type weaving, can be expanded several times the size of the flower type and there are up and down, symmetrical Black-and-white reversal of black and white reverse rotation combination reversal , belongs to the family weaving machine's replacement product for the home weaving machine development to develop a broader road, only in the Japanese brothers brand KH940 type, for example, the weaving machine part and design part of two categories: weaving machine is divided into mainframe, auxiliary machine and accessories empty flower head, G nose, tracker, wire converter and so on ; The design part is divided into PPD120, FB100 and so on, with empty flower head can weave empty flowers, set circle of empty flowers and other patterns, with G head can weave double reverse pattern, with embedded air head can be woven veneer without dotted jacquard, accessory part of the tracker is used to control the size of the design of fabric styles and weaving with the flowers, The wire converter is used to weave two or more color patterns, design part of the PPD120, with a two-color, three-color or empty flower magnetic card, will be connected with the home TV, can design their own imagined picture, through a simple operation can be achieved, so, we are not difficult to see, with the needs of society, scientific and technological progress, Middle-grade type of household knitting machine will gradually become the preferred tool for job seekers, but the middle and high gear weaving machine due to complex structural parts and maintenance is more difficult. Therefore, in the purchase, in addition to price factors, but also must consider the sales department has no maintenance, another parts supply, technical training and other comprehensive ability to lift worries.