- Apr 27, 2018-

Jumpsuit(Overalls), a garment with a shirt and trousers attached.
As it is connected up and down, the body of the seal is stronger, more for the special types of work of the protective clothing selected. Also has the hat and the shoes and socks together the Siamese pants, its seal is stronger, is the radiation resistant and the protective personnel suits wears the style.
And from the tooling evolved fashion underwear, is with retro elements of the fashion trend.

Since 1985, there has been a tendency to try to use the structure of lingerie in women's fashion styles. Today! Even underwear has become a retro damp and is gradually sweeping the world of a new type of clothing! Its future development!
will be with our common tops, trousers, dresses tied to become an important four kinds of clothing. In the 2009 Autumn and Winter and 2010 spring and Summer in the world is slowly forming the germination of this trend of formation!
And this is just a prototype of the formation of even underwear! Even underwear has too much plasticity! Underwear It is linked by a jacket and trousers, its design style and style is the jacket and trousers and the sum, whether it is leisure, occupation, sports, or fashion style, are in response to the low carbon quality of life。