What's the origin of the bathing suit

- May 16, 2018-

There are thousands of different nationalities in the world, which makes all kinds of clothes. However, the swimsuit is a special case, it is an international style, has a strong commonality. As a garment, swimwear becomes more and more simple, and the exposed body parts are more and more, the development of swimwear in the history of the conflict between moral rules and sexual awareness of the conflicts and social changes. Swimwear is a yardstick that reflects the concept of sexuality and social morality. Talk about swimwear, mainly to see the development of women's swimwear, because the men's swimwear is just a pair of shorts, in addition to material evolution, there is no substantial change in shape. Swimsuit became a special clothing originated in early 20th century, both after 1900. At that time, the embryonic swimsuit is just a short skirt, and the daily life skirt is not very different. In fact, when the public bathing, most people do not prepare special swimwear, bathing suit is the exclusive of the rich. Special swimwear appeared around 1909, even underwear-style swimwear. In the the early 1910s, there was even a pair of shorts and swimsuit, which became a true bathing suit. By the 1930s, there had been no Siamese two-piece swimwear, a leap in swimsuit change and a prelude to bikini appearance.