What sort of bathing suit

- May 16, 2018-

What sort of bathing suit?

Siamese bathing Suit

The Siamese swimsuit is the safest, most classic swimsuit outfit and is an excellent choice for a shy lady.

Angle Style bathing suit For women who do not want to show their own, the angle of the swimsuit is more conservative, but its disadvantage is that it will make the legs appear very short, so be careful to choose.

A straight angle swimsuit is also suitable for those with thin thighs.

High waist style bathing suit

Alvine Micro-protrusion of the lady, should choose high waist type bathing suit, preferably with twill, can use this to reach the waist effect, can also take this to divert attention, achieve cosmetic effect.

Skirt Swing Style bathing suit

For women with flat hips, it is appropriate to choose a skirt-style bathing suit, which can visually beautify the hips and show the graceful legs.

Split bathing suit

It's a fashionable lady's choice.

Big V collar and swimming suit

If your chest is very plump, waist buttocks are very fat, you can choose the big V collar of the body bathing suit, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.

Bikini bathing Suit

Everyone has always thought that bikini is a good figure of women's patent, in fact, even if you do not have a better figure, only Choosing the right bikini can also be a tricky way to disguise your body's flaws and make you attractive. (Pay special attention to style collocation and color)