What To Wear Under A Cardigan

- Oct 31, 2017-

What To Wear Under A Cardigan

Cardigan is one of the staple in the closet almost every woman. The fashion workhorse can be styled from preppy to edgy with the right accessories. We see the love way to wear cardigan now.

1. The Button-down 

Both the lattice or silk, classic buttons is a perfect choice for oversized cardigan. They added a dimension to a simple single cardigan, make a dress more interesting. I like the combination of plaid and oatmeal. You can wear plain blue jeans in this appearance, but I bring white jeans. Look at the clothes underneath me, photos taken by the lovely.

2. The T-Shirt

A simple way to use any pleated cardigan is a simple t-shirt. Try a relaxed fit with a long pendant of Boho appearance, or a fitted tee with a statement necklace that is more feminine. Try printing T-shirts to add some interest to appearance.

3. The Silk Tank

I am a huge fan, with a sexy top tank like silk and comfortable, casual cardigan. This is a good choice for a casual date, because wearing a cardigan tank, but you can still show a little skin.