A Brief Introduction To Cocktail Dresses

- Jun 20, 2017-

A cocktail party dress, which is worn between a cocktail party, a formal or formal occasion, in a dress between a day dress and a tuxedo. Compared with the luxurious style evening dress, cocktail party dress is more attention to the occasion, the atmosphere is relaxed, the style is relatively simplified some, more elegant, implicit.

Cocktail party dresses need to bare some skin, but not as large as the evening gown naked, skirt length generally on the knee, with the popular, a piece of dress or two-piece, three-piece clothing can be selected. Color to black, white, powder, gold and other colors, dotted with rhinestones, sequins and so on. Fabrics using natural silk, brocade, synthetic fiber and some new high-tech materials, plain, bottom lines and small patterns of fabrics are often used. Jewelry is more than pearl necklace, ear nails or hanging earrings, more than three strings for the more formal occasions. Matching shoes with a strong decorative, slightly shiny, more formal occasions can choose bright colors, but also exposed part of the foot.