Basic Dress Principles For Ladies ' Dresses

- Jun 20, 2017-

I. Trousers

Standard trousers can generally be applied to a variety of occasions.

II. Skirt

The general requirements of the length should be knee, and long skirt is applicable to all occasions. In a more formal workplace, you can consider wearing a suit skirt. In a communication situation, wear a skirt must wear long stockings, and socks should not be under the skirt.

III. Shoes

What kind of shoes do you wear in general? Wearing a suit skirt and wearing a pair of ordinary sandals is very uncoordinated. It is best not to wear sandals in formal or more solemn situations. These matters should be taken into particular attention as a cultured or socially sociable person.

IV. Jewellery

Wearing some carefully selected ornaments, can increase the unique style and charm of women. For women, it's better to buy a good quality than to buy a lot of cheap goods that aren't useful. Only the natural luster of jewelry can foil your skin, your youth, your style, your charm. Remember, clothes are not always good in texture, but jewelry is best not cheap and rough. The ring should not be worn casually, to be worn according to the "Ring language".

V. Gloves

Gloves are mainly designed to protect the hands, but they are often used as a decoration. Wearing gloves have a certain etiquette rules: winter wear gloves mainly to keep warm, summer if wearing gloves is mainly as a dress accessories. Generally shake hands with people, should take off gloves, but women are different, if wearing a decorative gloves, you can not remove.