How Men Want Women To Dress

- Oct 31, 2017-

How Men Want Women To Dress

It's not secret for women to buy clothes to fit themselves, and they often ignore the criticism of heterosexual lines in many of the top lines in the fashion world.

To keep this in mind, Sunday life asked a group of six men of different ages, who liked and disliked women's fashions.

Not surprisingly, each of the people asked had one thing in common - they liked clothes, emphasized the shape of women, supplemented the lines of women's frames, and showed real feminine forms to their eyes.

According to the main psychologists, the tendency for men to be more suitable for clothing is not related to women's type of typical male promiscuous thinking. On the contrary, it is more about the subconscious mind of evolution!

According to psychologists, men in the world over the years have been widely thought to have an hourglass framework and a waist to hip ratio, attractive to women, and related to women's breeding ability.

Plump hips have long been a sign of fertility, and this has gone back to evolution, so it's not surprising that women with small waists and hips attract people's attention.

This reinforces what psychologists suggest is our group's view of their attractiveness to women.

"Fitted" is a generous word - pencil skirts, tight jeans and body hugging dresses are all my favorites.

This will be especially popular in the next season, which will be the music of many men's ears, because the summer's fashion in "autumn / winter" is a "body" theme.

Belts and overcoats are also popular choices, while pants and skirt suits are caught in the waist that is considered attractive to the workplace.

All men on the panel agree that the classic black dress - although "fit" - has always been a successful choice in their eyes, and the selected shoes are high heels and knee boots.

High heels create heights, and more importantly, take a walk for women. A seductive swing that causes attention.

Toe shape is a sensitive subject to the panel.

Many questioned men disapprove of dangerous high-heeled shoes.

They didn't like the round toe shape of the past season, but more compromises, which were considered to be the "almond" toes in the fashion world.

The most popular casual wear is wearing fashionable tight jeans, but only on their basis with high heels or knee boots.

A simple vest is also a hit, while the top of the neckline reveals the favor of the stripping, clavicle and shoulder regions - especially the strapless, bandeau digital and V collar.

Short skirts are also, surprisingly, crowd preferences.

A lot of "no, no" costumes were acquired from our group, including high-end suits and gowns, and many men didn't like the shape of those people being suppressed (some said they made a lot of women pregnant).

Affected by the subtle makeup girl plane pump and gladiator sandals just in our panel in 1/6 cases, and in many cases, loose, androgynous trousers and jeans are considered too masculine.

Tall pants fail because of "numb" images, while large tones are classified as "ridiculous", and Capri-pants looks stupid in the wrong way".

There's no intention to suggest that we all start dressing for men, and on Sunday we ask men on the golf street to expire in store and next quarter.