Knowledge Of Traditional Evening Dresses

- Jun 20, 2017-

Traditional evening dress More emphasis on women's waist, exaggerated buttocks below the weight of the skirt, more use of topless, dew back, revealing the arm of the dress style, to fully expose the body of the shoulder, chest, arm part, but also for the magnificent jewelry left performance space. Often used low neckline design, through the mosaic, embroidery, collar of fine pleats, gorgeous lace, bows, roses decorative means to highlight the elegance of the dress effect, to the classical, Orthodox dress impression. In the use of fabrics, in order to meet the evening luxury, a warm atmosphere, the choice of mercerized fabrics, flash satin, taffeta, gold and silver interwoven silk, chiffon, lace and other gorgeous, noble materials, and decorated with a variety of embroidery, pleated crepe, nail beads, edge, loop buckle and other decorative. Process of fine sewing, but also highlights the evening outfit of the exquisite extraordinary and luxurious high-end sense.

The traditional evening dress pays attention to collocation, to the exquisite hairstyle, the exquisite makeup, the luxurious ornament, the glove, the shoe and so on dress up, manifests the steady beautiful classical tendency. Jewelry can choose pearls, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and other high-quality accessories, but also if the toe is exposed, it must be with the face, hand makeup synchronization to be modified. Wear evening dress also often with gorgeous, romantic, exquisite, elegant evening dress bag, it uses patent leather, soft leather, velvet, metallic and other blended materials, is the mosaic, embroidery, knitting and other crafts produced.