The Market Development Of Apparel Industry

- Jun 20, 2017-

Because of the opening of the market and the increase of the quantity of export textiles, the current standards can not meet the requirements of product quality and market change. The majority of joint ventures, wholly-owned enterprises and export-oriented enterprises, using the agreement standard, according to both the supply and demand agreement between the contract assessment and acceptance of products. Companies that are accustomed to relying on national standards or industry standards claim that there is no standard that restricts the development of their products.

Throughout the domestic textile market, especially manufactured goods and clothing market has sprung up a lot of consumers recognized brand-name products, its production enterprises are not the implementation of strict technical standards and testing system, no one is not the adoption of superior standards and industry standards of internal control standards. Brand-name products are based on excellent product quality, with high standards as the support, these consensus and practice to promote the textile industry's technological progress and product quality has played a positive role.