The Matching Skill Of Black Long Skirt

- Jun 20, 2017-

Black long skirt with what blouse scheme one: with coats, scarves

What's the coat for a black dress in a slightly colder season? This season wearing a long black skirt in addition to matching a suitable jacket, you can also choose a of the appropriate scarf, but remember to the scarf and the tone of the garment unified, not too strong contrast.

Black long skirt with what blouse plan two: with a shirt

Wearing a shirt outside of a long skirt can change the temperament of the whole dress, the texture of the velvet and silk complement each other, very expensive, and then with a large bag and boots and a long skirt of sweet greasy, is the best way to travel or participate in the art exhibition.

Black long skirt with what blouse plan three: black pleated long skirt

Black pleated skirt in collocation, can be paired with concise and capable blouse, color to light tone, black pleated not only for young. Women with shapely legs have a distinctive shape in their waist and hips.

The summer black long skirt collocation, instantly creates the high thin perfect proportion.

Little Series Comment: Black is the best weapon of thin, long skirt is the best weapon to highlight long legs, the perfect combination of black long skirt makes you become Gao Mi girl a little problem, chiffon gauze long skirt summer wear is cool one summer.