The Matching Skill Of The Skirt

- Jun 20, 2017-

Dress to wear a taste, wear a personality, wear a charm, wear a charm, wear skirt must know collocation.

Skirt and skin color collocation: If the skin fine white, ruddy-faced young girl, with light yellow or yellowish color material make a dress, can receive good aesthetic effect. If the skin is more bold, wear a tu or greenish yellow with a gray tone. No color of the person, do not wear grass-green skirt, because in the green grass against the face of a more gray, give a sense of spirit. Generally speaking, only the white skirt and any skin color can match, especially can make certain morbid complexion, if the blood is insufficient, the facial complexion is yellow or the hair green can appear healthier, the spirit some. Between the black, white color of the person, should choose the slant of the color between the deep, unfavorable to wear and color. The skin is coarse person, should not wear pink, pink green, light yellow and so on tender color, tender color and coarse skin phase lining, then the advantages and disadvantages.

Skirt with the shape of the match: the small figure of the person, the skirt color should be light, light has relaxed, enlarged, make small stature plump some. Obese people, should wear a dark skirt, dark sense of contraction, give people a relatively narrow vision. The person with broad shoulders, chooses the same color or the upper body slants the deep waist The skirt, the short legs, the lower lumbar section person, chooses wears the whole body uniform tonal skirt. The person with thick thighs and small buttocks, choose a slightly darker color skirt as well. Round face, choose dark color skirt material.

If you want to have a longer leg, match: miniskirt + thumb-soled sandal

This is because the fit miniskirt is a good way to show the curve from the hips to the thigh, and the person who has short legs or legs is a good choice, while the flat heel of the thumb-soled sandals can create an unbroken curve from the skirt to the toe. Although high heel sandals can also achieve the same effect, however, high heel sandals with miniskirts always feel a little dilatory.

If you want your hips to look smaller, match: straight skirt + strap high heel sandals

Because the trim itself is long and narrow, straight skirt can produce straight-line effects, make your entire lower body slim, very suitable for the pear shape of the female, but also, the skirt will make your most attractive upper torso protruding, while the high heel sandals will make your curve thin, the big buttocks also become less obvious.

If you want the abdomen to become more flat, match: a rustic style of relaxed long skirts + half-heel casual sandals

Because of the folds in the middle of the skirt, the loose skirt hides the slightly bulging little belly, this tip applies to any woman, and the long skirt can go to the foot, so there's no need to worry that it will make your legs look short; half heel sandals will give you a little height, and a relaxed long skirt creates a good sense of leisure.

If you want your legs to grow longer, match: round pleated skirts + sloping heels

Because the skirt itself is fancy, and only the thin calf, long pleated skirt to make you look more symmetrical, this truth for any body of girls can work (if your legs are not long, then don't cross your skirt, or your legs will disappear, and because the pleated skirt itself is very feminine, it is better to have a pair of attractive slopes with shoes: sexy and easy to walk.