The Present Standard System And The Performance Of The Standard Content Malpractice

- Jun 20, 2017-

1. Under the original planned economy system, our country's textile product standards are production-oriented, standard-setting to guide production as the main starting point, technical requirements and production process closely linked, the indicators of the meticulous death, especially the standard revision speed lag behind the product development speed. Some enterprises think the standard level is too low, while some enterprises think the standard index is too high, formed the different requirements and evaluation of the standard.

As the finished product of the textile products become the trend, the consumer to the clothing and the family decoration level request enhancement, the raw material quality and the product quality does not support the question increasingly prominent. For example, the fabric standard color fastness is poor, washing size change rate is large, lack of practical performance evaluation indicators, because the standard does not converge caused by disputes occur, consumer complaints are difficult to solve.

3. The guiding ideology of the former is the combination of China's national conditions, taking into account the existing equipment and technological conditions, so that the majority of the standard of China's mining standards are "not equivalent" or "reference." In addition to the higher degree of basic standards, although there are a number of product standards in the foreword to the adoption of international or foreign advanced standards, but only a few indicators and even individual indicators in line with foreign standards, or the use of the test method is the adoption of international standards, therefore, most of the product standard indicators and levels do not really connect with foreign countries.