Women’s Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

- Sep 13, 2017-


The leaves are changing and so are our outfit choices. Thinking of overhauling your sartorial game can leave you needing more than some mulled wine and a caramel apple to quell your thoughts. If only Oprah could come in and say, “You get a new wardrobe! and YOU get a new wardrobe.” Unfortunately, Oprah is the fairy Godmother of daytime TV and not our closets. But do not worry about adding a piece from our Fall trend forecast, and you will #SlayAllDay.

 Your Grandmother’s Florals

“Florals for spring. Groundbreaking.” The line from the Devil Wearing Prada lives in infamy for its deadpan delivery straight from The Miranda Priestly. But, also for how expected it is to adorn ourselves with our favorite flower prints for that season. What is groundbreaking though is the fact that Fall 2017 is taking advantage of the flower power. Although for fall, it is done a little differently. The more that the print of your blouse looks like it belonged on the wall of your Great-Grandmother’s living room the better. Also rather than punchy brights, looking into muted colors, such as dusty rose and olive.


If you consider the fact that the color red is the symbol of love, anger, passion, and temperature you could almost say this color rules our actual state of being. Want to evoke emotion? Look no further than the color red. It is bold, it is bright, and it is here in many shades for Fall 2017. Burgundy and wine are always great shades, but add in some burnt orange (okay not totally red, but still) and you’ve got yourself a standout look.

Statement Boots

Boots are never a question in the cooler weather months. From riding, to ankle, to peep toe, there is always a style for every outfit. This season, what is upping the ante is the embellishment. It doesn’t matter the color, shape, size…it is what statement they make when you walk into the room. Look for styles in metallic, jewel-covered and dare I say, iridescent?

Old School Hats

The old beanie may be the classic Fall staple but a cozy noggin is not enough this time. It is time to take a step up with the beret and the newsboy hat. I know we’ve already talked about your grandmother earlier. But, if you can get your hands on any headpieces of hers from before the Aughts, I guarantee you’ll be the trendiest girl in at least 10 square miles.

Fall is a time of renewal in all aspects of life. As the green summer leaves changes to rusty orange and cherry red, your cutoff shorts are being traded for boot cut jeans in the purest of indigo. Autumn inspires us to cozy up, but the fall fashion trends are encouraging you to stand out. It doesn’t need much, but all you need are a few pieces from the aforementioned sections coupled with your innate sense of style. And then, Kendall Jenner will wish she was wearing your latest style on the runway rather than the other way around.